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NEW! PDF of the tutorial slides is here: ptp-sc10-tutorial.pdf (This is an update from what was distributed on the SC10 tutorials USB stick.)

This year we are requesting that tutorial participants pre-install Eclipse on their laptops before attending.

Some alternatives for those unable to pre-install Eclipse are available, including a LiveDVD.

  • These Instructions are for installing the Eclipse and PTP client on your machine. None of the remote machine setup is included here, since we have done that for the SC10 tutorial participants.
  • If you are setting up Eclipse and PTP for use on your own remote cluster, please see the Release Notes for how to configure the remote machine.

Short version of installation instructions

  • You need Java - Sun or IBM versions (not Linux's GCJ) - see Installing Java for more information
  • Download one of the following from (This is Eclipse 3.6, also known as "Helios")
    • "Eclipse Classic" has many generic Eclipse features including Java and Plug-In Development features
    • "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers" has ONLY what you need for basic C/C++ Development (CDT) and is a smaller download and less cluttered environment.
  • Unzip/untar and execute the "eclipse" executable
  • Help > Install New Software...
  • Next to the "Work with:" Select the "Helios" Site - it will then populate the list of Eclipse features that you can install. Install at least the following:
    • If you did NOT install the "Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers", select this feature to install now:
      • Under "Programming Languages" check "C/C++ Development Tools" (CDT)
    • Select the PTP and RDT features to install
      • Under "General Purpose Tools" check two items: "Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) End-User Runtime" and "PTP Remote Development Tools (RDT)"
      • Also suggested (for SC10 tutorial): PTP Parallel Language Development Tools UPC Support
        • Installation of this will automatically pull in the UPC support in CDT as well.
  • Click Next > and on the "Install Details" page confirm that you have the two (or three) items you checked.
  • Click Next > and accept the license agreement, then click Finish
  • You will be prompted to restart Eclipse.
  • PTP 4.0.5 has now been released; do Help > Check for updates to update your Eclipse to the latest PTP.
    • First, enable the PTP-specific update site (more recent releases than on the Helios Site) by clicking "Available Software Sites" in the Install New Software dialog.
      • Check the checkbox for (or add it in yourself)
      • Then, cancel out of the Install dialog
      • Do a Help > Check for Updates (only this last step is required in the future) and you should get all the latest and greatest.

Longer version of instructions, with screenshots

Install instructions from tutorial slides: ptp-sc10-02-pre-install.pdf

Help! I'm having problems!

Ask a question on the PTP Users mailing list.

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