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PTP JUnit test can be divided into two parts (GUI test and non-GUI test). GUI test needs to run JUnit Plugin test to create an eclipse runtime-application. It can be used to test PTP viewers and GUI functions such as annotation marker, breakpoint marker, processes status, etc. Non-GUI test runs sdm manually. User needs to run JUnit test and then starts sdm manually in command line.

Non-GUI JUnit test

All test cases are located on org.eclipse.ptp.debug.ui.tests.base package. The following steps illustrate how to setup and run JUnit test:

  1. AbstractBaseTest - Global settings for all test cases under Non-GUI section
    Change testing application name by modifying the value of "testAppName"
    Change testing application path by modifying the value of "appPath"
    Change event timeout by modifying the value of "timeout"
  2. All test cases are required to start by "JUnit test", then sdm is run manually in command line. Please follows the command on console window, eg. mpirun -np 5 ./sdm --localhost= --debugger=test --port=34567.
    All cases can be changed the startup processes by modifying the value of "total_process"

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