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Test Plan for PTP 6.x Release

This plan describes the tests that will be undertaken to verify the 6.x series of PTP releases - Eclipse 6.0.0 will be available June 27, 2012 with the Eclipse Juno (4.2) Simultaneous release.

Test Setup

The following steps should be carried out prior to testing PTP. Refer to the release notes for the appropriate PTP version if necessary.

  1. Make sure you have Java 1.5 or later
  2. Start with a fresh Eclipse installation
  3. Use a new workspace for testing (or remove old testing workspaces)
  4. Download and install the "Eclipse IDE for Parallel Application Developers" package
  5. Depending on your test plan requirements, install PTP server components using instructions from the 6.0 release notes.
  6. Launch Eclipse on the test machine.
  7. If you require an MPI program for testing, use the following code:
#include <stdio.h>

#include <mpi.h> 
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) 
  int i, rank; 
  MPI_Init(&argc, &argv); 
  MPI_Comm_rank(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &rank); 

  for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) 
     printf("hello from %d loop %d\n", rank, i); 

  return 0; 

Test Iterations

The following table shows the test iterations for the RC builds. PTP is +2 which means that its build is completed on the +2 day. Testing can begin using the Juno aggregation site ( on +3 and later. The EPP build is generally available at the end of the +3 day, but official EPP testing can begin on the EPP day once the packages have been announced.

RC4 testing is still useful as any bugs can still be fixed in future bug fix releases or service releases (SR1, SR2). However, these fixes will not be included in the Juno release.

  M7 (final)

May 11


May 21


May 22


May 23


May 24

RC1 (final)

May 25


May 28


May 29


May 30


May 31

RC2 (final)

June 1


June 4


June 5


June 6


June 7

RC3 (final)

June 8


June 11


June 12


June 13


June 14

RC4 (final)

June 15

M7 Testing
RC1 Testing
RC2 Testing
RC3 Testing
RC4 Testing


Please add your name to this list, or remove the comment if you are still participating in 6.0

  • Greg Watson
  • Beth Tibbitts
  • Dave Wootton
  • Alan Humphrey
  • Wyatt Spear
  • Jeff Overbey
  • Jay Alameda (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • Galen Arnold
  • Rui Liu (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • Jie Jiang (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • Max Billingsley III (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • Roland Schulz (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • John Eblen (remove this if participating in 6.0)
  • Hari Krishnan

Test Matrix

The following test matrix shows who will be testing each component on the different supported architectures. Note that because PTP is client/server, you should list both the client and server architectures for each component being tested. For example, if you are testing PE on a Mac OS X x86 client and an AIX backend, you should list both these architectures.

When you find bugs, please open a bug report against the relevant component.

Color Key: RM / target platforms Other technical features Misc features


  Linux x86* Linux x86_64 Linux PPC Mac OS X x86_64** Windows Windows x86_64 AIX***
Grid Engine Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff
Open MPI ## Greg

Rui (client and server)

Rui (client) ## Greg Jay (R) ##
MPICH2 Hari Greg Greg Jay (maybe) ##
PE/LL Dave (client) ## Dave (server) ##

Dave (client) ##

Jay (R, client) ##

Dave ##
PBS Hari Jay (R) ##
SLURM Jie ## Jie (Client and Server) ## Jie ##
Debugger Beth α ## Greg Greg Jay (R) ##
PLDT - C/C++   Hari Beth (R,L) Beth α Jay (R) ##
PLDT - Fortran Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff
RDT + RSE Galen
RDT + RT Galen Jay ##
RDT Sync Greg Greg Jay ##
Photran Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff
ETFw (Core) Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt ##
ETFw (Feedback) Rui (L,R) ## Rui (L,R) ## Beth (R,L) Beth α
ETFw (TAU) Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt ##
ETFw (GEM) Alan ## Alan ## Alan ##
ETFw (PPW) Max ## Max ## Max ##
Error Parsers Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff
Env Mgmt Jeff Galen Jeff Jeff Jeff
Install, Update Beth
Help Beth

* Only the GTK 2 version of Eclipse will be tested
** Only the Cocoa version of Eclipse will be tested
*** AIX testing is for the server side only.
α Limited testing only
(client) indicates that eclipse runs here
(server) indicates remote target runs here
(R) will test remote usage
(L) will test local usage
## old (not updated to PTP 6.0 testing) - remove ## if you update this and/or confirm you are still testing this

Test Outlines

Initial overview of some features to be tested:

  • Install & Update: install parallel package, try update scenarios from & to different RCs/releases, make sure feature names, versions, providers, ids, etc are correctly set in installation information for each of the features (Beth)
  • Help: bring up help, make sure the pieces are all there, make sure topics are up to date, any version numbers referenced are correct, make sure links work between help docs (Beth)

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