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This document defines the policy for retaining source code for PTP.


Any code that was included in a release is left in CVS forever, however unused or deprecated code may be moved to "old" directories. All files are tagged during a build, and build tags are are date/time stamp for the build and will match the download page and zip file names. In addition, releases will be tagged using a tag of the form "R3_0_2". The releng map files should be used to determine exactly which features and plugins are included in a particular release.

Master ZIP Files

Master zip files for releases are kept forever, but only the most recent release is kept on the main download page. Other, older distributions can be found on the archive site.

Integration Builds

Integration builds against HEAD and the current release are provided on a weekly basis and available from the wiki page. Integration builds are retained until release versions of the corresponding stream become available, at which point they may be deleted (they are currently still available).

Update Site

Only the most recent release is kept on the update site. The goal is to allow users to update to the latest code from what they have installed, but we don't support updating to some previous release. For example, if we come out with a "3.0.3", the "3.0.2" version won't be on the update site any longer. So, someone with "3.0.0" installed could update to "3.0.3", but they could only update to "3.0.2" using the master zip file.

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