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PTP/planning/minutes/March 14 2008

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  • Chris Recoskie, IBM, CDT committer
  • Jason Montojo, IBM, CDT committer
  • Sonali Raiput, HP
  • Bill Hilliard, Intel


  • Chris
    • Still working on EFS support (see below)
    • fixed remaining inclusion bugs in preprocessor
    • fixed up 400 indexer test failures
    • fixed up PDOM issue causing call hierarchy, type hierarchy, and content assist to not work properly
    • cleanup code and review
    • scanner info is next up
    • short talk at EclipseCon next week
  • Jason
    • Ported the following index-based features to use a service-based model:
      • Call hierarchy
      • Type hierarchy
      • C/C++ search
      • Content assist
      • Code navigation (find definition/declaration/references)
      • Include browser
    • Ported the following CDT components for reuse in RDT:
      • C/C++ editor
      • Model builder
    • Currently investigating how to integrate index-based services into PTP's remote service model
  • Sonali
    • HP is pulling in two other resources part time onto remote standard make part-time. Raghu/Santhosh will send Chris some questions next week to you regarding RDT work.
    • Met with HP-UX/NonStop Tools architect Hawthorne, Seth G to discuss architecture/design.
    • Seth is based in Cupertino. He is planning to attend the Eclipse confrence in Santa Clara next week. Chris and Seth will organize a meeting during the conference.

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