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PTP/planning/minutes/January 11 2008

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Minutes of RDT conferene call, January 11, 2008

Attendees: Chris (IBM), Greg (IBM), Rob (IBM), Jacob (HP), Virender (HP)

  • Chris
    • Working on EFS conversion of the CDT core model.
    • Created IUniversalPath and impelementation for hierarchical paths. However, negotiations with the CDT committers has led to the conclusion that we will try to use URIs in API signatures. Reworking IUniversalPath as a utility class.
    • Creating generic IUniversalPath implementation that should work with any arbitrary filesystem. Hitting some snags as not all path-like semantics are supported in IFileStore/IFileInfo. Planning to open some bugs on the Platform and see where we get.
  • Greg working on Service Model APIs. Has interfaces fleshed out.
  • HP has been looking at Remote Standard Make. Familiarizing themselves with Remote Services abstraction. Looking to see how much of their existing implementation they can reuse.
  • Targeting Ganymede for a first cut of remote tools. At a minimum we'd like users to be able to create remote projects, edit the code, and build them.
  • Forgot to mention this in the meeting, but there has been some interest from Cril Technology in RDT. Planning to setup a meeting with them next week to discuss things further.

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