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PTP/planning/Indigo Ramp Down

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PTP Ramp-down Plan for Indigo

Release Candidates:

  • RC1 - Build Tue, May 17 - Release Wed, May 20
  • RC2 - Build Tue, May 24 - Release Wed, May 27
  • RC3 - Build Tue, May 31 - Release Wed, June 3
  • RC4 - Build Tue, June 7 - Release Wed, June 10

No new features will be added after RC1 (Tue, May 17). API freeze on M7 (Wed, May 3)

Starting Tue, June 3 (after RC3 build), all commits must be accompanied with a notification to the ptp-dev list providing a link to the bug that was fixed.

The idea is to ensure we're only fixing bugs during the RC cycle. And as we get closer, it's important that we all understand what's changing and can object if too much is changing too late to ensure we stabilize by the end of the release.

Project lead will also continue to send countdown e-mails as we go to track open bugs.

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