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Release Schedule

  • API and feature freeze - Sep 30, 2008
  • Milestone builds:
    • M1 - Aug 29
    • M2 - Sep 12
    • M3 - Sep 26
    • M4 - Sep 29
    • M5 - Oct 6
  • Release candidate builds:
    • RC1 - Oct 10
    • RC2 - Oct 17
    • RC3 (if needed) - Oct 24
  • GA - Oct 31, 2008

Ganymede Support

This will update PTP to support Ganymede. The main changes will be support for Eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5.0. The estimate is that this will be available in August 2008.

Remote Development Tools

This will include a remote services framework, and other components needed to enable remote development using CDT.

  • General Remote Services
    • PTP has a preliminary implementation for a remote services abstraction. "Remote services" means essentially file operations, as well as launching and control of remote processes.
      • There are several supported implementations of these services, the two most prominent of which are an implementation based on the Remote Systems Explorer (RSE), and a lightweight SSH-only provider that is a part of PTP proper.
    • A Service Model, which allows:
      • The user to configure which services in their system are mapped to which providers and locations (e.g. to which remote machine).
      • ISVs and tool implementers to define new services, and contribute providers to any defined services.
  • Remote Indexing for C/C++
    • A framework for remote C/C++ parsing and indexing services, and a reference implementation using RSE's dstore protocol as the communication mechanism. Currently implemented features include:
      • A New Remote C/C++ Project wizard that allows you to create remote projects and configure your service model
      • Integrated index lifecycle management
      • Automatic source code delta handling (the index is automatically updated when files in your project are added/removed/changed)
      • Remote "scanner info" support to allow the user to define include paths and defined preprocessor macros as a context for the parser to operate.
      • Remote Search
      • Remote Call Hierarchy
      • Remote Navigation (e.g. Go To Declaration)
      • Remote Content Assist
      • Remote Type Hierarchy
  • Remote Standard Make
    • A builder which uses PTP's Remote Services API in order to launch the builder (make) on the remote system. Build output appears in the console in the local Eclipse workbench, and the Problems view is populated with build warning and errors which allow the user to navigate to the problem areas in the associated source files residing on the remote machine.


  • Update to CDT 5.0 (some AST API changes)
  • UPC artifact & help support
  • MPI code templates added

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