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Photran Merger FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Photran merging with PTP

  • What is Photran?
    • Photran is a set of tools for using Eclipse as an IDE for the Fortran language.
  • Why is Photran merging with PTP?
    • Since there is a synergy between Photran and PTP projects, PTP users know Fortran is important, Photran can benefit from project leadership in PTP (tools project) and thus "graduate" from incubation phase as an eclipse Technology project. Photran should have more predictable releases as well.
  • When is the first official Photran release?
    • Scheduled for October 2009, with PTP 3.0 release.
  • Where is the code repository going?
    • Photran CVS repository projects will move under PTP in the near future.
  • What about the Photran mailing lists?
    • The developer mailing list remains: photran-dev
    • The user mailing list remains: photran (not photran-user as previously reported).
    • The announcements will be made to ptp-announce (photran-announce mailing list is being removed.)
  • What happens to Photran committers?
    • Photran committers will become PTP committers on the Photran component of PTP.
  • What else is moving?
    • The update site for Photran is being considered for move but we're not sure yet. Bugzilla photran components will be moved to tools/PTP. The PTP website will have a subcomponents page that will include Photran, but the web site will be maintained.
  • What about wikis?
    • The PTP developer wiki (You are here!) can be used for Photran topics as well.
  • Will there be regular monthly developer conference calls?
    • Yes, the PTP regular monthly call, usually on the second Tuesday of each month, will now include Photran. See the PTP Meetings page for a schedule, minutes, agendas, and the date of the next meeting.
  • Should I be feeling a bit of déjà vu?
    • Yes. The FDT (Fortran Development Tools) originally started as part of PTP, then merged with the Photran project. Now they are both "back together again."

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