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PTP/new and noteworthy/9.1.0

The following are new features that are available in PTP 9.1, Photran 9.1, and Remote 2.1.

Support for the "K" computer

A new target system configuration has been added to support the "K" computer.

K basic settings.png

K staging settings.png

K advanced settings.png

K import settings.png

Contribute actions to TerminalConsole toolbar

Other plugins are now able to contribute actions to the TerminalConsole toolbar using the consoleToolbar extension point.


Improve reuse

All o.e.remote plugin dependencies have been changed from "Required-Bundle" to "Import-Package" in order to enable reuse in a wider variety of situations (e.g. RAP).

Preparation for OpenACC refactoring contribution

In preparation for a contribution of OpenACC refactoring functionality (see Bug 490965), the org.eclipse.ptp.pldt.openacc plugin has been split into three new plugins:

  • org.eclipse.ptp.pldt.openacc.core
  • org.eclipse.ptp.pldt.openacc.cli
  • org.eclipse.ptp.pldt.openacc.ui

Remote terminal connections no longer require sftp

Previously, when a remote terminal (ssh) connection was opened, the connection required an sftp channel to be opened also. This is no longer necessary.

Bug fixes

In addition to the bug fixes listed on the 9.1 release Issues page, the following bugs have been fixed in this release:

472329 RemoteResourceBrowserWidget fails to use IRemoteFileService.toPath(URI) for converting URIs to paths
475609 Add support for telnet
478544 SWTException in ConnectionsPreferencePage.addConnection (253)
478549 NullPointerException in ConnectionsPreferencePage.addConnection (246)
480259 Up button converts path to local file system in RemoteResourceBrowserWidget
480314 RemoteResourceBrowserWidget should have traverse listener on remote path text
483923 Opening ssh connection (terminal) should not depend on sftp
485549 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ConnectionsPreferencePage.createWidgets
485789 Canceling a connection in browser displays empty reason
486593 Remote connections with whitespace in the name are not handled correctly in the preferences page
488419 Make the NewSerialPortConnectionWizard public/extendable
488959 Allow other plugins to contribute Actions to TerminalConsole toolbar
494206 The JSch getProcessBuilder() should return null if the connection is not open
494207 "Remote" button for proxy connections doesn't enable combo
494429 Console shell does not set terminal size correctly

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