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PTP/new and noteworthy/9.0.0

The following are new features that are available in PTP 9.0, Photran 9.1, and Remote 2.0.

Parallel Package

The Eclipse package all-in-one download "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" is updated with the latest Mars release contents of most interest to our users. You can download it at


Terminal View

The Terminal View has been ported to use the new TM Terminal 4.0. This will provide better integration and long term support for accessing remote systems.

Terminal view.png

Synchronized Project Wizard

The new project wizard has been enhanced so that the remote directory will not be reset if it has already been entered. This improves the project creation workflow.

New sync wiz.png

Connections View

Remote connection information is now shown in a view in addition to the Remote Connections preference page. This allows connections to be manipulated without requiring a model dialog.

Connections view.png

Remote Console Support

Remote connections are now supported in the Console view. This provides a uniform way to interact with consoles, as well as providing VT100 emulation.

Remote console.png

Remote Services Enhancements

The remote services framework has been substantially improved. Some changes include:

  • A new service based architecture that simplifies support for new protocols
  • The ability to exclude certain functionality for simple connection types (e.g. serial)
  • Connections view
  • Remote console support
  • Serial port support
  • Improved local connections
  • Integration with TM Terminal 4.0

Fortran (Photran)

Photran 9.1 adds support for HP Fortran record structures in the syntax highlighter and Outline view.

Syntax highlighting of HP Fortran record structure keywords

It includes fixes for several parser bugs, particularly related to Fortran 2003 support:

  • [1] incorrectly identified syntax error when "in" is used in variable declaration
  • [2] Syntax Error - real_alloced
  • [3] Syntax errors on valid Fortran
  • [4] Syntax error generated by variable named "double"
  • [5] incorrect syntax error - enumerator well as fixes for several other issues:

  • [6] Source, Refactor menus missing in 4.2M7
  • [7] Source menu Comment, Shift, etc. actions should be visible when refactoring is disabled
  • [8] NumberFormatException in TileLoopRefactoring.setLoopTilingStepNumber
  • [9] gfortran error parser must take precedence over GNU make error parser
  • [10] IllegalArgumentException from Status ctor call in

CDT Changes

  • The C/C++ Development Tools that are included with the "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" have also been updated for Eclipse Mars. See their newest features on their New and Noteworthy for 8.7 page.

Bug Fixes and Internal Enhancements

Features Removed/Deprecated

  • Remote Tools has been removed
  • Support for GIG has been removed
  • org.eclipse.rephraser.* plugins have been removed
  • RSE support has been removed

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