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PTP/new and noteworthy/6.0.0

The following are new features that will be available in PTP 6.0 and Photran 8.0, released with Eclipse Juno (4.2) on June 27, 2012.

Parallel Package changes

The Parallel Package "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" available on the downloads page has a new simplified name ("IDE for" removed) and no longer includes the "(includes Incubating components)" since the LInux Tools included have matured! The Parallel Package is the easiest and simplest way to start using PTP. It has all you need in one place!


For details about what's included in the parallel package, see Comparing and combining packages

Core Features

New target system configurations

  • Support for Grid Engine system monitoring
  • Support for IBM LoadLeveler on Blue Gene
  • Support for SLURM on Blue Gene
  • Machine-specific target system configurations for launching jobs on:
    • Blue Waters (NCSA)
    • Forge (NCSA)
    • Lonestar (TACC)
    • Ranger (TACC)
    • Trestles (SDSC)
    • Keeneland (NICS)
    • Kraken (NICS)
    • ANL Blue Gene

Simplified job submission

PTP launches no longer require the separate creation, and starting, of a Resource Manager before a job can be launched. Now the Target System Configuration is specified right on the Run Configuration dialog. Several new system configurations are included with PTP 6.0 in this new simplified launch mechanism.

Target config.png

Simplified system monitoring

System monitoring is automatically configured and the perspective switched if required by the user.

Config switch.png

New monitor types supported

A number of new target systems are supported for monitoring.


Manual refresh for monitors

Monitors can be manually refreshed in addition to the automatic 60s refresh cycle.


Usage bars

The system monitoring view can aggregate usage data on each node (rack, etc.) and present as a single usage bar in the display. Zoom-in and zoom-out buttons are available to activate this usage information manually.

Usage bars.png


Where available, the system monitoring perspective will display the message of the day (contents of /etc/motd) when monitoring is activated.


Job filtering

Jobs can be filtered to reduce display complexity. There is a simple filter that will only show the user's jobs.

Job filter1.png

Jobs can also be filtered on arbitrary column attributes.

Job filter2.png

Support for environment management systems (Modules/SoftEnv)

PTP's support for Modules and other environment management systems eases the process of configuring a project's build and runtime environments.


Error parsers for Cray, Portland Group, and Open64 C/C++ compilers

PTP 6 extends the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) with the ability to recognize error and warning messages produced by the Cray, Portland Group, and Open64 C/C++ compilers. For Cray compilers, it can also recognize informational messages about how the compiler optimized the code.


Parallel Language Development Tools


  • OpenACC added
  • OpenSHMEM added
  • LAPI removed
  • MPI support upgraded to MPI standard 2.2
  • OpenMP support upgraded to OpenMP 3.1
  • Documentation integrated with Fortran Declaration view
  • MPI, OpenMP, and OpenACC code templates for Fortran

Remote Development Tools (RDT)

Synchronized Projects

Synchronized projects consist of files that are mirrored on the local system as well as on one or more remote systems. Editing occurs locally and each file is synchronized with the currently active remote system when it is changed, created, or deleted. This enables faster interaction with the files and editor, more CDT editor features since the files are local, and continued interaction for editing etc. if the network connection is lost.

New features for PTP 6.0

  • A new, more intuitive wizard. All information for both local and remote sites, including toolchains, can be entered on a single page.


  • A new merge-conflict resolution tool for handling merge conflicts without leaving Eclipse.


See the documentation and the PTP Synchronized Projects Wiki for more information.

CDT Changes

The C/C++ Development Tools that are included with the "Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers" have also been updated for Eclipse juno. See their newest features on their New and Noteworthy page.

Fortran (Photran)

New Features

  • Support for highlighting matching parentheses/brackets (Bug 340607)
  • Error parsers for Cray, PGI, Open64 Fortran compilers (new feature) (Bug 371454)
  • Support for INCLUDE statements in fixed form sources (Bug 343077)
  • Support for third-party API documentation (Bug 373194)
  • Better support for MPI, OpenMP, and OpenACC when PLDT is installed (see above)

New Refactorings

  • [Refactoring] Introduce Call Tree (Bug 340907)
  • [Refactoring] Change To Vector Notation (Bug 345493)
  • [Refactoring] Replace Do Loop By Forall (Bug 340915)
  • [Refactoring] Transform To Derived Data Type (Bug 340909)
  • [Refactoring] Add Variable To Derived Data Type (Bug 340910)
  • [Refactoring] Change Variable Case (Bug 368092)
  • [Refactoring] Extract Subroutine Or Function To Module (Bug 343903)
  • [Refactoring] Nested If-Then-Else To Select Case (Bug 340914)

Bug Fixes and Internal Enhancements

  • Correct Indentation handles line continuations incorrectly (Bug 347191)
  • Horizontal ruler does not recognize monospaced fonts correctly (Bug 382117)
  • Syntax highlighting of "go to" is incorrect (Bug 374426)
  • Syntax Highlighting: Statements with line continuations highlight incorrectly (Bug 312196)
  • New horizontal ruler - invalid thread access (SWT) on property change (Bug 357842)
  • XL Fortran toolchain - multiple changes needed (Bug 365805)
  • Fortran completion processor does not handle !$acc/!$omp template prefixes (Bug 373123)
  • Property tester org.eclipse.cdt.ui.pageEnabled gone in CDT 8.1 (Bug 378761)
  • Incorrect labels in Customize Perspective - Command Groups Availability (Bug 374523)
  • Translation missing from ui.vpg? (Bug 362953)
  • Linker Debugging option missed : -pg (Bug 346522)
  • Remove "linux" OS filter from (Bug 367193)
  • New Fortran line scanner (Bug 372912)
  • [Architecture] Consolidate Photran plug-ins (Bug 362253)

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