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PTP/new and noteworthy/3.0.0

The following is a list of the new and noteworthy changes in PTP 3.0.

External Tools Framework

External Tools Preference Page

Preference pages for tools contributed using the ETFw extension now appear under the External Tools category.

External prefs.png

MPI Analysis

In-situ Partial Order (ISP) Analysis

Provides dynamic verification for MPI applications in order to detect deadlocks, assertion violation, and memory leaks. Offers rigorous coverage guarantees, including rigorous coverage of communication/synchronization behaviors, and determines relevant interleavings, replaying them as necessary. Supports MPICH2, Open MPI, Microsoft MPI, MVAPICH, and IBM MPI.

ISP actions can be accessed from the toolbar.

Isp toolbar.png

ISP Analyzer View

This view is used to reports program errors, and runtime statistics, and provides debug-style source code stepping of interleavings.


ISP Preference Page

ISP preferences can be configured from the ISP preference page.

Isp prefs.png

Parallel Debugger

Parallel Debug View Toolbar

The Parallel Debug view toolbar has been updated to distinguish it from the Debug view toolbar.

Parallel debug view command.png

Parallel Runtime

Parallel Runtime Perspective

The Parallel Runtime perspective (previously PTP Runtime) has been updated to a new layout that includes a new jobs view, console view and properties view.

Parallel runtime.png

Jobs List View

The Jobs view has been replaced with a Jobs List view which shows jobs as a linear list. This is designed to enhance the scalability of the UI.

Jobs view.png

Console View

A console view has now been provided as a main Parallel Runtime view. This view shows combined output from all processes in a parallel job.

Console view.png


Photran 5.0 is the first official release of Photran as an Eclipse Foundation project.

Support for Fortran 2003

Photran now supports Fortran 2003 features.

New refactorings

The following new refactorings have been provided:

  • Extract Procedure
  • Extract Local Variable
  • Make Private Entity Public
  • Encapsulate Variable
  • Add ONLY Clause to USE Statement
  • Minimize ONLY List
  • Make COMMON Variable Names Consistent
  • Unchecked Loop Interchange
  • Change Keyword Case
  • Multiple-file Introduce IMPLICIT NONE, Replace Obsolete Operators, and Change Keyword Case

Fortran Language-Specific Search

Photran now provides searching on Fortran language features.

Photran search.png

Additional New Project Wizards

New project wizards have been provided.

Photran wizards.png

Source File Templates

New source templates are available.

Photran templates.png

Fortran Project Nature and Conversion Wizard

Photran projects now have a fortran nature, and projects can be converted with a conversion wizard

Photran convert.png

Resource Managers

Support for SLURM

A new resource manager supporting the SLURM resource management system is now available.

Slurm rm.png

Preliminary Support for PBS

A new resource manager for PBS has been included in the release. Currently this resource manager only allows monitoring of PBS jobs.

Pbs rm.png

Service Configurations

Service Provider Configuration Widget

A widget is available for editing service configurations. Service providers can supply a UI for modifying configuration information. This is automatically displayed in the widget when the service provider is selected for editing.

Service provider widget.png

Service Configuration Preferences Page

Service configurations can now be added/removed/edited using the service configurations preference page.

Service conf prefs.gif

Service Configuration Project Properties Page

Service configurations for a project can be accessed from the project properties.

Service conf props.gif

Service Configuration View

There is now a view available for displaying service configurations.

Service config view.png

Import/Export Service Configurations

Wizards are available for importing and exporting service configurations.

Export wizard.png

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