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June 14, 2012 Scalability Meeting

Date: June 14, 2012 Time: 10:00 AM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0808-234-5071
Passcode: 2221402


  • Greg Watson, IBM
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM
  • Carsten Karbach, Juelich
  • Claudia Knobloch, Juelich
  • Wolgang Frings, Juelich
  • Chris Navarro, NCSA
  • Jeff Overbey, NCSA
  • Jay Alameda, NCSA


  1. Actions from last meeting
    • Publish JAXB schema
    • Publish LML schema
  2. Status Reports
    • Juelich
      • Server side filtering should be finished by next week, can go into first PTP service release
      • Working on fixing problem with table columns
      • Testing COBALT on ANL system
      • Added Jeff's motd handling code to ALPS, need to add element content in future release to simplify this
      • Coordinate tutorial with XSEDE, Juelich, and ICS (WHIST). Action: Beth to arrange meeting on Monday, review NCAR tutorial
    • IBM
      • Environment variable support for BGP
      • Contributed LL & LL/BQ configurations
      • LL DA driver has issues, need to investigate more and open bug
      • Suggest adding ability to specify mpirun/poe command to LL configuration (see PBS)
    • NCSA
      • Greg trying to get account on SuperMUC to see if modules issue can be debugged
      • Would like to resolve tab configuration in ETFw, investigating
      • Looking at ETFw/JAXB integration
  3. Meeting adjourned; Next meeting tentitively June 21 @ 10am ET, to be announced on ptp-scaling list.

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