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PTP/meetings/May 2008

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May 2008 Meeting

Date: May 13, 2008 Time: 1:00 PM EST

Call in information:

Toll Free: 1 877-421-0033
Local: 770-615-1250
Passcode: 583191


  1. PTP 2.1 Status
  2. Project Reports
  3. Next meeting


  • Beth Tibbitts, IBM Research
  • Greg Watson, IBM Research
  • Chris Recoskie, IBM
  • Daniel Farber, IBM Brazil
  • Leonardo Garcia, IBM Brazil
  • Wyatt Spear, University of Oregon
  • Dave Wootton, IBM
  • Rob Fowler, RENCI
  • Howard Lander, RENCI
  • Jeremy Swan, IBM


  1. PTP project
    • New Committer Daniel Farber, IBM Brazil. Daniel is working with IBM Austin and is working on new resource manager work, and also maintains the Remote Tools Plugin. Welcome Daniel!
  2. PTP 2.0 status (Greg)
    • PTP 2.0.1 bug fix release went out April 29. There should be another bug fix release, 2.0.2, in approx. two weeks.
    • PTP 2.0 bux fix work continues on ptp_2_0 branch in CVS; we don't anticipate more releases after 2.0.2
  3. PTP 2.1 status (Greg
    • PTP 2.1 release work is being done on CVS HEAD - will Support Eclipse platform 3.4 (Ganymede) and CDT 5.0, which will be final in early July?
    • Release date planned for approximately August - about a month after Ganymede is final
    • 3 areas of increased functionality in PTP 2.1 include
      1. New resource manager functionaly - simplify implementation of new RMs. New versions of MPI and job schedulers should be easier to implement. Using the Performance framework plugins for GUI generation
      2. OpenMPI dependencies will be gone, so debugger will be changing; in general will be more flexible and useful. Eventually will be using STCI code - so will be preparing for that. Debugger end-user function and UI should not see much change.
      3. Support for remote development - some support is in CDT 5.0; rest will be in RDT (Remote Development Tools) which will reside in PTP.
        • Wyatt asked if Performance Framework tools will need changes. Remote tools capabilities are already in the PTP service model. Wyatt will take a look eventually.
        • Chris said some UI differences will be soon. New remote project wizard allows configuration of remote services
    • After 2.1 - probably will be a 3.0 release but no definitive plans yet
  4. Project Reports
    • PLDT 2.1 (Beth Tibbitts) will include bug fixes going in 2.0.2 as well as some rounding out of functionality, include MPI code templates, and some UPC tools. Changes required to adapt to remote project model being investigated.
      • Size limitations on project/code in PLDT - will be investigated, partly depending on CDT. OutOfMemoryExceptions in barrier analysis seem mitigated by a heap of 512M; will keep an eye on this. Working thru other PLDT bugs.
        • CDT scalability mode (Chris Recoskie) in CDT 5.0 may help here for large projects - allows user to turn off reconciler (won't build outline view), turn off syntax highlighting, turn off content assist - for very large projects. Need to gather metrics on project sizes amenable to CDT as well as PLDT.
      • Dynamic tool will be added to PLDT 2.1 utilizing the Perf FW for UI generation and data gathering, and as first non-TAU usage of Perf FW code.
    • Rob Fowler (RENCI) - waiting on funding from NCSA. Work will be on Ultrascalable tools - load balance analysis on 100Ks of threads, etc. (based on Wisconsin/MRnet) Work should begin in FY '09 to (1) build UIs to get to tools, and (2) maintain these tools after that. Looking at PTP Perf Framework tools for GUI generation. Need analysis tool in build state for each binary - perhaps will need Perf FW extensions for this. Wyatt & Beth welcome the exercise to further generalize the Perf FW tools.
    • PE plugins (Dave Wootton, IBM Parallel Environment) - hope to provide deubgger support soon, probably for August release.
    • Perf FW (Wyatt Spear) working at IBM since Feb. so only doing maintenance work until returning to Oregon in July.
    • Daniel Farber - started working on OpenMPI resource manager to make it more generic; should work with any MPI tool then. First will target OMPI 1.2 and then 1.3; no target of next MPI release to implement. (Volunteers??)
    • Leonardo - hope to begin work soon to add LLview and BIRT views - support IBM LL, Bluegene, etc. LLview similar to Juelich views (screenshot available on Juelich websit.)
    • CDT (Chris Recoskie) - Jason and Chris finishing up initial work on RDT (Remote Development Tools) - alpha version soon. New remote project wizard has extra pages to configure project with remote services; Infrastructure for remote indexers to work with CDT indexer framework; aforementioned scalability mode. Will contribute to PTP after mid-June.
  5. Next meeting is Tuesday June 10, 1:00 pm ET

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