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PTP/meetings/December 2013

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December 2013 Meeting

Date: December 10, 2013 Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Call in information:

Toll Free (US): 888-426-6840
Toll Free (Germany): 0800-000-1018
Toll Free (UK): 0800-368-0638
Passcode: 2221402


  • Overall project, releases, etc.
  • Follow-up on last month etc.:
  • SC13 review - Nov 17-22 in Denver
    • PTP BOF Tues Nov 19 - need slides from everyone
    • Jay - status of work with James Howison re: analysis of PTP download information / inclusion in package?
    • Any results of surveys collected at PTP BOF?
    • Hackathon? Date/location? at LSU?
    • Git/Gerrit Status
      • Beth added some info on use of Gerrit for reviewing/submitting a patch from a contributor - at
      • Need more info on Contributor submitted a patch through Gerrit in the first place
    • EclipseCon is March 17-20, 2014 at San Francisco status on PTP talk acceptances?
  • PTP User meeting last week
  • Status Reports
  • Future planning for 2014 possible PTP tutorials/outreach?
    • XSEDE - July 13-18, 2014, Atlanta (Mar. 15 tutorial proposals due )
    • SC14 - Nov 16-21 2014, New Orleans (March ? - tutorial submissions due)
  • Next Meeting Jan 14


Greg Watson, Beth Tibbitts, John Eblen, Steve Brandt, Wyatt Spear, Jeff Overbey, Carston Karbach, Chris Navarro, Brian Watt


  • Beth is now working for Jay Alameda's group at NCSA
  • Kepler is put to bed;SR2 will be in February, small fixes since 7.0.3, nothing critical
    • bug 417230 Steve wants sync fix. is it in 7.0.x build? not done yet, John will approve and publish via Gerrit
  • John committed another fix recently and had trouble merging 7.0 into master, several conflicts from earlier commits. Greg will have a look. There are conflicts in doc plugin too, Greg will have a look.
  • Luna M4: Greg has updated for M4 build, updated versions for 8.0
  • SC13
    • PTP BOF small crowd but interested in PTP - Steve and Wyatt will send Beth some slides overviewing what they demo'd. Beth is preparing BOF report for SC as required by BOF
    • Jay talked with James Howison at SC13, re: PTP download/usage analysis
    • also Jay got SC13 BOF surveys, no news
    • Greg can't logon to XSEDE resources; sent email to Jay to renew our XSEDE allocations - Carsten needs access too.
  • Hackathon possibly hosted at LSU? Steve is happy to host, need to pick some dates. April? Contingent on Jay funding travel. Steve will make a Doodle poll to query for available dates.
  • Git/Gerrit - Beth posted some instructions on wiki for PTP contributors and committers
    • Greg has been watching CDT use of Gerrit, they are very active.
  • Beth talked with NVidia SW Proj lead at SC13, they have some of their changes into CDT, need more
  • EclipseCon: Greg's talk was accepted - How to Navigate Eclipse Remote Frameworks
  • PTP-user meeting - Dec 4 (substituted for both Nov and Dec meetings, which both would have fallen on holiday weeks)
    • Dave Hudak - gave overview of his OSC Starter kit for Eclipse and PTP on their machines - also a git starter kit available there as well. PPT slides of instructions and other resources for getting started too.
    • John Eblen - gave demo sync/build with multiple remote targets
    • topics for future: Wyatt: short 5-min videos to do brief tasks in PTP. He will send link to remind us where his sample videos are. Beth will look too.
      • e.g. creating sync project, configuring sync project to do X, module configuration, etc.
  • Tutorials for next year?
    • SC for next year: Steve agrees that half-day tutorial may be more palatable to the tutorials committee, and increase
    • Beth will set up some meetings in Jan or Feb to start discussing
  • Status Reports
    • Greg W: about to commit a few remote tweaks
    • Brian W: wkg with Doug James at UT: modification of module system to handle lmod better based on UT's Stampede requirements
    • Wyatt S: wkg on parametric testing system, wkg with JAXB XML-based launching and testing. Harder to modify launch delegate. Targeting for Luna.
      • Can have multiple launch configs with different parameters, launches all, collect data from all the runs automatically. Good for scaling studies, run and look at multiple output. Initial implementation was done before the switch over to JAXB-based. Greg had questions about things like this at SC, e.g. large weather models submitting multiple runs. Multiple executable workflow model.
    • Carston: proposal for new features in monitoring were accepted at SC (with Wolfgang) , new project at JSC institute. Hoping to develop more new features. Carston has announcement from Jay Roloff at NCSA, forwarded to Greg
    • John E: progress on cmake system, tying into synchronization. Reviewing new terminal support code.
    • Beth still looking at what to do, plans to look at Perfsuite and check on GIG status
  • Next meeting Jan. 14

Parallel Package Downloads

Download numbers, by month, of 'Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers' available on Each release (e.g. R,SR1,SR2) the counts are set to 0 and restarted.

Release Month Downloads Total Downloads
Indigo SR1 thru Feb 2012  40,298
Indigo SR2 thru June 2012 64,860
Juno (4 days!) June 2012 902 902
Juno July 2012 8169 9071
Juno August 2012 19,112 28,009
Juno September 2012 47,648 76,457
Juno SR1 September 2012 5346 5346
Juno SR1 October 2012 65,353 70,699
Juno SR1 November 2012 58,796 129,495
Juno SR1 December 2012 57,811 187,306
Juno SR1 January 2013 63,350 250,656
Juno SR1 February 2013 39,877 290,533
Juno SR2 March 2013 41,367 41,367
Juno SR2 April 2013 36,372 77,739
Juno SR2 May 2013 28,575 106,316
Juno SR2 June 2013 22,521 128,853
Kepler R (5 days) June 2013 4003 4003
Kepler R July 2013 26,070 30,073
Kepler R August 2013 26,732 56,805
Kepler R September 2013 28,751 85,556
Kepler SR1 (4 days) Sept 2013 4670 4670
Kepler SR1 October 2013 40,440 45,110
Kepler SR1 November 2013 48,723 93,833
Kepler SR1 December* 2013 110,438

December* downloads as of December 10.

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