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Progress of Remote Service Support

List of Authors:

   Tianchao Li (
   (future authors)

Remote Project


The Eclipse File System (EFS) has been extended to support remote file system. A Styx/9p2000 file system plug-in has been implemeneted. Numerous bugfixes to the Eclipse platform has been also contributed to Eclipse, including:

  • 137845 EFS Core for Linux PPC (solution committed)
  • 138277 Problem with EFS Zip Filesystem (solution committed)
  • 137878 Problem with EFS FTP Filesystem (partial solution committed)
  • 137879 Problem with EFS UI (patch to org.eclipse.ui.ide committed)

CDT Support for Remote Project


The enablement of EFS for CDT is being partially enabled. You can now create a new project on a EFS remote file system, convert the project into C/C++ project, browse and view the C/C++ code and make files on the remote file system, and build the project by modifying the build command to use ssh to launch make on the remote system. Solutions to the following bug items has been derived:

  • 136136 Build directory should not be restricted to workspace (solution committed)
  • 140950 EFS URI comparison problem (solution committed)
  • 142092 CDT EFS support (initial solution submitted)

Still more works are needed to fully enable EFS for CDT, however we have decided to move on. There is currently a debate on the use of EFS in CDT, which can be tracked at

  • 177994 Support remote projects using EFS
  • 168048 HP C/C++ Remote Developer plugin submission to CDT.

RSE Support for Remote Project


An initial test of using RSE to launch commands programmatically has been successful. Issues are discovered and are summarized in the [maillist post]. Participating in the RSE API [Discussion] Other bugs are also discovered:

  • 143023 RSE does not work with hidden files

PTP Support for Remote Project


Resource Manager Proxy is now being launched with RSE. Now working collaboratively with resource management.

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