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PTP/designs/remote/new path representation

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New Representation of Paths

We have concluded that due to the above problems we need some kind of new representation for paths. In order to provide interoperability with EFS this new representation will have to be able to convert to a valid URI, but this should only be done when interacting directly with EFS itself, otherwise information may be lost.


  • Track the OS the original path was created for, and be able to extract the original path.
  • Convert the path to another OS
  • Convert the path to be relative to another machine (most likely with a different root directory and potentially on a different OS).
  • Distinguish between local, remote, and local-relative-to-remote paths.
  • Provides a toURI() method
  • Provides utility functions for path manipulation (append, get at segment, get the file extension, etc.) similar to what is contained in IPath.

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