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PTP/PTP User Info


PTP User Information

Let us know what you are doing with PTP!

Since PTP is free and downloadable, it's hard to keep track of who is using it and for what.

As we approach our yearly release milestone in late June, we pause to try to recap how PTP is doing. Please consider letting us know that you are using PTP, what organization you are affiliated with, and What you're doing with it.

Might I suggest appending the following (copy and paste here in the wiki, or email as mentioned below):

Name, Organization, what version of PTP you are using, what platform(s) Eclipse and PTP run on, what type of target machine, What you are using PTP for (research? coding? instruction? ) and the approximate number of PTP users at your organization. Any other details are welcome as well.

Post user information here

Thank you!

If you prefer not to post here, feel free to send an email to and I will aggregate the results without posting any personal information.

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