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PDT/Target Environment


Supported platform versions

Since 3.7, PDT no longer keeps minimum API requirement with Eclipse 3.8!

Minimum platform version is set in sync with simultaneous Eclipse releases:

  • For yearly and first update (*.1) Eclipse release - with previous release (for example Eclipse Foundation release Mars or Mars.1, PDT keep API compatibility with Luna 4.4.*)
  • For next update releases (*.2, *.3) - with current main release (for example since Mars.2 PDT committers are able to use new apis from Mars.0)

Hudson jobs respect this policy:

  • pdt-master - Run with minimum supported platform
  • eclipse-next - Run with higher platform

Minimum Java runtime (BREE)

PDT keeps minimum java requirement with currently supported eclipse platform. Examples:

  • Luna - Java 1.6
  • Mars - Java 1.7
  • Neon - Java 1.8

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