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This release is a part of 2020.06 (17/06/2020)


  • Project main repository and issue tracker moved to GitHub:
  • Faster plugin startup
  • Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) is now optional. Eclipse PHP is built with WildWebDeveloper #561624
  • WTP JSON Editor replaced by Generic Text Editor #54
  • Improved PHP language stubs for namespaced classes #559639


  • Improved "Resource in active editor" search scope #561005
  • Removed document revalidation in UI on each editor focus
  • Separate PHP folding settings from WTP #298000
  • Reduce number for markers for "unused variable" #474115
  • Fixed issue when Class/Trait have same name as child namespace #559657
  • CodeAssist for return types with FQN (for ex. \DateTime) #55


  • Support for error handling on PHPUnit >= 8.3 #560862

Project Explorer

  • Fixed delete file regression #561004


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