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We fixed / closed 12 bugs in this release!

This release is a part of 2019.12 (18/12/2019)


 Arrow Functions
 Typed Properties
 Spread Operator in Arrays
 Null coalescing assignment operator
 Underscores in numeric literals


  • Improved refresh BuildPath command


  • Code Assist performance improvements
  • Faster and more precisely Code Assist for anonymous functions and traits
  • Support search by "Resource in active editor" in PHP Editor bug 553112
  • Improved boolean type detection for generated PHPDoc property bug 553378

Project Explorer

  • Removed duplicated "Show In" menu entry bug 552168


  • Improved PHPUnit 8.4 support bug 530722
  • Performance improvements during execution


  • Entire CodeAssist and TypeInference API has been marked as internal

Full bugs list for this release cycle

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