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We fixed / closed ~50 bugs in this release!

This release is a part of Oxygen.3 (21/03/2018)

Oldest bug in this release: #423089 had ~4 years


  1. .php7 extension support #528331
  2. PHP 7.2 support #528151
    Pdt53 php72.png
  3. Ignore PHP4 constructor if PHP5 (__construct()) is already available #514015
    Pdt53 constructor.png
  4. Configurable problem severities #515714
    Pdt53 errors warnings.png


  1. PHP COM class added to code stubs #521405
  2. Improved Code Assist performance #528501
  3. We introduced "true" reconciler, this fixes problem with incorrect problem annotations


  1. non-PHPDoc tags are correctly formatted #423089
  2. Formatting for unknown tags (for example all Doctrine annotations) can be enabled / disabled
    Pdt53 phpdoc formatter.png
  3. Improved code line-wrapping policy for binary expression #530648
  4. Make the "Empty lines" indentation policy work correctly when selected #427031


Pdt53 phpunit.png

  1. PHPUnit 7 support #531519
  2. Improved PHPUnit 6 support
  3. Consistent PHPUnit view tree (Suite Name -> Class Name -> Method Name -> Data set number or name)
  4. PHPUnit native output available in console #528010
    Pdt53 phpunit console.png
  5. Improved trace view: filtered in same way like PHPUnit native output, same content also for isolated tests
  6. Allow re-run concrete Suite, TestCase, Test or even Test with concrete data provider #528013
    Pdt53 phpunit run.png
  7. Introduce ability to re-run failed tests #530472
  8. Read correct vendor dir in composer mode #530488
  9. Allow bind shortcuts to re-run commands #530533
  10. Support non-standard use-cases for PHPUnitTestGroup #530639 #530548
  11. Object Diff view with colors #515694
    Pdt53 object diff.png
  12. PHPUnit run shortcuts on Mac behaves similar to JUnit. CMD+ALT+X U to run and CMD+CTRL+ALT+D U to debug PHPUnit test
  13. Make execution time visible on PHPUnit view tree #530474
  14. To increase readability, PHPUnit views support colored labels


  1. Support xDebug extended properties #519045
  2. Prompt about saving dirty files before run PHP CLI Application #522107


  1. Consistent PHPModelUtils#getFullName return values #528454
  2. Resolve Type::class to string #470655
  3. Allow override default PHP return type behavior #459808
  4. Adopters are able to register own validators on Errors / Warning page #515714


  1. PDT .target files to simplify contributors life and speed-up build process #500429

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