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Over 100 bugs has been fixed!


1. Removed php 4 support

2. Added support for phpdoc @method static

Pdt35 method static.png

3. Improved mylyn support. Enabled by default in Eclipse for PHP Developers package

Pdt35 mylyn.png

4. Improved dark theme support

Pdt35 dark.png

5. New "new php file" wizard. Now works like new html.

Pdt35 new file.png

6. PHP Model in Project Explorer

Pdt35 project explorer.png


1. Syntax coloring for visibility keywords

Pdt35 colors.png

2. "Smart object operator" shortcut - bug 458415

3. Stabilize code assist while typing


1. Highlighting for changed variables/objects


2. Improved look & feel while debugging

Pdt35 debugging.png

3. Simplified debugger configuration bug 462097

4. none debugger bug 467260


1. New "use statements" (enabled by default) and "import declarations" filters for php outline

Full bugs list for this release cycle

 3.5.0 -

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 3.4.0 -

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