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1. Library Folders - source folders that are not validated, but are still indexed, so content assist and search capabilities remain.


2. PHP 5.5 support in content-assist for classes and traits

Php55 syntax.png

3. Suport for default php.ini configuration in PHP debugger

Pdt executables.png

4. Constant and deprecation icon support (bug #255164)

Const and deprecated.png

5. Improved PHP editor performance and responsiveness, editing and syntax highlighters

6. Dark theme support in PHP editor

7. Content-Assist improvements (20 bugs)

8. PHP Debugger improvements and bugfixes (6 bugs)

- Removed Script Arguments from PHP CLI Application debug configuration (bug 431247)


- Added debugger property to PHP server instance (bug 424940)

424940 1.png 424940 2.png

9. Code formatter improvements (10 bugs)

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