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  1. New formatter preference page (Bug 407768)
  2. Predefined formatter settings for PSR-2, Zend Framework 1 and PHP Code Style. (Bug 407768)

Zend Debugger

  1. Support debug mode in ZendServer6 (Bug 392172)
  2. Performance improvements in Zend Debugger (Bug 401329), (Bug 399386), (Bug 397128)

Code Editing

  1. Code completion for db2 functions (Bug 402355)
  2. Code completion for redis functions (Bug 391460)
  3. Multiple class hinting for param tag in phpdoc (Bug 403858)
  4. Add support for {inheritdoc} (Bug 391359)
  5. Enabled PHP content assist inside strings (Bug 395368)


  1. Added phpTreeContentProvider extension point (Bug 391432)
  2. Allow extending actions on PHP Libraries preference page (Bug 408004)

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