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This document contains basic list of external eclipse plugins that can be promoted with PHP EPP package

Plugin List

PHP Tools

Plugin name Description / Features Plugin URL Marketplace URL
PDT Extensions Core Feature Class/Interface/Trait creation wizard
Semantic analysis
Refactoring support -
PHP Maven PHP Maven integration -
MakeGood Continuous test runner.
Support for: CakePHP, CIUnit, PHPSpec, PHPUnit, SimpleTest -
PTI PHPUnit PHPUnit integration -

(inluded in Zend Studio)

PHPUnit integration -
PTI CodeSniffer PHP CodeSniffer intergration -
PTI Copy/Paste Detector PHP Copy/Paste Detector intergration -
PTI Depend PHP Depend integration -
PHP Profiling Profiling PHP scripts and applications -
Zend Studio Zend Studio gives professional PHP developers the tools to write and maintain PHP code faster, solve problems more quickly, develop in the cloud and improve team collaboration -

PHP Frameworks

JavaScript Tools

JavaScript Frameworks

Editor Tools

Editional Editors

Mobile Development Tools

Plugin name Description / Features Plugin URL Marketplace URL
Cloud Connected Mobile

(included in Zend Studio)

Enables you to develop, test, and publish mobile native applications using the Cloud platform -

Other Tools

How to join?

Not ready yet

How to update?

Not ready yet

How to remove?

Not ready yet

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