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PDT/1.5 Features Proposal


Feature and Improvement List

  • Improvements to Parser and model infrastructure
  • Code folding improvements (open forward folded PHP blocks)
  • Mylyn integration
  • Support Smarty Templates
  • Syntax highlighting based on AST
  • More generic debug UI
  • Code assist support - Interface scope #138985
  • PHPDoc blocks templates #138998
  • PHP executable preferences #138478
  • Annotation support - adding after change before save state #147217
  • PHP Problems - add PHP to filters #148024
  • Syntax coloring support - additional options #150097
  • Magic Home and Tab - #156372
  • Initial refactoring support (at least basic functions like Rename function/class/variable)
  • Generate stub classes from existing interfaces
  • Add a "Mark occurences" feature
  • Integrate HTML, CSS and Javascript editors from Aptana [see this feature request]
  • Ability to add to/edit the Code assist list #189495
  • Code assist auto activation for classes
  • PHPUnit integration

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