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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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This page will describe the many areas of the PDE UI feature that should be tested. Eventually this page may be used to create a more complete test plan. For the moment, to get a series of test scenarios with step-by-step instructions, please see PDE/UI/TestPlan_3.4.

Plugin / Fragment Projects

  • New plugin wizard
  • New fragment wizard
  • Plugin templates
  • Importing (binary, linked, source)
  • Exporting

Editing Plug-ins/Fragments

  • Overview tab
  • Dependencies tab
  • Runtime tab
  • Extensions tab
  • Extension Points tab
  • Build tab

Feature Projects

  • New feature wizard
  • Importing
  • Exporting

Editing Features

  • Overview tab
  • Information tab
  • Plug-ins tab
  • Dependencies tab
  • Installation tab
  • Build tab

Update Site Projects

  • New update site wizard
  • Site categories
  • Building the site
  • Installing from the site
  • Generating p2 metadata

Products / RCP Applications

  • Exporting
  • Generating p2 metadata on export
  • TODO Incomplete


  • With and without p2

Runtime Workbench

  • Plug-ins tab
  • Configuration Tab
  • Clearing workspace on launch
  • Cascading workbenches (launching runtime workbench inside a runtime workbench)
  • Target weaving (building in runtime against host)


  • Setting start levels

Plug-in JUnit Tests

  • TODO

Target Management

  • Adding plug-ins (target provisioners)
  • Changing locations
  • Source locations
  • Definition files
  • Definition file editor

PDE Tools

  • Organizing Manifests
  • Externalizing Strings
  • Updating Classpath
  • Extension Schema Editor
  • Plug-in Search
  • Java Search Participant


  • Plug-in View
  • Plug-in Spy

Cheat Sheet

  • Creating an Eclipse Plug-in
  • Creating a Rich Client Application

User Assistance Editor

PDE UI currently maintains some form editors for user assistance elements.

  • Table of contents editor
  • Context help editor
  • Simple cheat sheet editor
  • Composite cheat sheet editor

Log View

PDE UI currently maintains the log view

  • TODO

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