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This page describes the work planned for the next release (3.5) of PDE UI.

Important fixes will be examined for inclusion/backport to 3.4.X

Issues for 3.4.1

  • Ok green.gif Improved progress reporting and honoring cancellation requests
  • Ok green.gif Improved presentation of errors (resizability, formatting)
  • Ok green.gif Fix confusing restart language
  • Ok green.gif Annoying /low risk bugs
    • Ok green.gif Enable a site when a user adds a disabled one (workaround until core fixes in 3.5)
    • Ok green.gif Refresh artifact repos when metadata repos are refreshed

Issues for 3.4.2

  • TODO

Issues for 3.5


  • Usability review of general strategy (modality, overall organization, etc.)
    • Ok green.gif Walkthrough with Eclipse UIWG
    • Progress.gif Solicit usability reviews from product teams
    • Progress.gif Write concrete user personas to guide use cases
    • Revisit proposals with Eclipse UIWG in September
  • Improved implementation of installed view
    • Progress.gif Investigate integration with about dialog
    • Ability to view different levels of detail Bug 224472
    • Separation of product base vs. "add-ons" Bug 215398
  • better affordances in available view to show already installed, available updates, etc. Bug 216032
    • this detail should be shown also in install/update dialog
  • handling and presentation of repos
    • Need to do a better job of deciding which repos to look up against Bug 234213
    • better organization for known/discovered/disabled repos and discovery mechanisms Bug 218534
  • streamlined license UI Bug 217944
  • user repo naming (regression of UM function) Bug 194224


  • TODO


  • TODO


Glass.gif Needs some investigation

Progress.gif Patch in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added

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