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M3 is October 30th

M3 PDE Bugs

One full day test pass, preferably on Tuesday, October 27th


Community involvement is always welcome

  • Curtis Windatt - Ubuntu Linux - IBM 1.6 Java SDK
  • Darin Wright
  • Ankur Sharma

Test Areas

Please add yourself to the relevant areas. We should add the 'add to java search' feature to the test scenarios.

Documentation - Curtis (new launching bundle)

End-to-End Scenarios - Ankur (cheat sheet updates, new launching bundle)


Export - Curtis (PDE Build changes including NPEs)

Launching - Ankur, Curtis (New self hosting option, new launching bundle)

Target Management

Search - Darin (New add to java search feature, test scenarios needed)


Cool Wizards

OSGi Applications

User Assistance - Curtis (Spell check in description tags)

Project Creation


Log View - Curtis (General fixes)

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