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This page will be used to collect comments about PDE and our development process that were noticed during 3.6. What did we do well? What could be better? What should we do next release?

Coding Best Practices

  • If you write new core/model/non-UI code, write tests for it
  • If you create any kind of UI make sure it has a help topic. Also ensure that you create the help topic(s) at the time the UI is created. DO NOT leave it until the doc pass at the end of the release. At a minimum, create a doc bug so that we can plan to fix it during the RC builds.


  • Only mark a bug with a specific target milestone if you seriously plan on fixing it during that milestone

General Comments

  • Planning in 3.6 was a huge improvement over 3.5. Wiki plan was easy to update, gave overall feel of progress. Weekly meetings were short but effective.
  • Several patches from the community were ignored due to time constraints. Other patches were committed without enough review.
  • Did a good job at maintaining stability, but still had a couple late features that would have been better to have been done sooner (Feature based launch/targets and import from CVS).
  • Late features don't always get polished/cleaned up - Target Wizard (3.6), Categories on export (3.5)
  • Trade off bug fixing/polish for late features - RC1 pass always feels short dur to late feature work

API Tools

  • Planning was much better - as it was done along-side PDE proper.
  • Not as many features were provided as we would have liked (due to time / resource constraints). Some notable features that did make it in were (1) API use UI / launch configurations and (2) problem filter comments
  • Performance was significantly improved

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