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Planning page for PDE work for Photon(4.8)

Java 9 and JUnit5 Support

  • Any Java 9 related work for PDE bug 458235. Support of module-info file in PDE project. Investigate

better support of java9 in PDE.

DELIVERED in 4.7.1a

DELIVERED in 4.7.1a

Java 10 related Support for PDE

DELIVERED in 4.7.3a and 4.8M7

Further API Tools Improvements

  • API tools improvements like improvement in version error for first change, or extention point addition, reporting

error for re-export removal. Other API tools errors/freeze report issues - bug 517236

NOT DELIVERED, May be taken up in next release

Target Editor Improvements in PDE

  • Improve Target Definition editor & Edit Software Site dialog bug 454491 and also issues in target platform

NOT DELIVERED , May be taken up in next release

General PDE Usability Issues and Important Incoming Bugs


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