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Unofficial Planning Document
This is an unofficial document used by the PDE team to help with the planning process. Items on this list are not guaranteed to be found in a release.


Dates are listed in the Eclipse Platform Releng Calendar (view as iCal). Note that some work items will take longer than one milestone to complete. Plan items are listed in the milestone when work is intended to start on the item. The plan is intentionally heavy on milestones two through five to allow for bug fixing, iterative development, performance and polish work in later milestones.

M1 - August 6

No Major Work Items

M2 - September 17

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.6.1 Fixes

Ok green.gif Create 3.7 Plan

Ok green.gif Improve state initialization (312495)

Ok green.gif Avoid resolution of p2 based targets when contents cached locally (276326)

Ok green.gif Support installation resolution for API tools tasks (322572)

Ok green.gif Support to edit properties for .products (260328)

Progress.gif Update target version numbers (348077)

M3 - October 29

Ok green.gif Support include lists for API tools ant tasks (270973)

  • Continued from M2

Ok green.gif Consumer based API use report (322571)

M4 - December 10

Ok green.gif Integrate API use reports into the IDE and workspace build (310547)

  • Continued from M3

Ok green.gif Provide a consumer based report launch config UI (329218)

  • Also fixed performance issues with the consumer reports

M5 - January 28

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.6.2 Fixes

Ok green.gif Polish API Use Report Integration (331811)

Error.gif Report delta between two API use reports (266903)

M6 - March 11 (API Freeze)

Ok green.gif API for bundle importers and bundle import wizard pages (320552)

  • Description of the proposed changes for bundle import
  • The API will be provided by the Team component

Ok green.gif Provide a producer oriented API use scan migration task (332763)

M7 - April 29 (Feature Freeze)

Error.gif Support bundle import from the package explorer (313392)

Error.gif Properly import projects with a different name when project already exists in the workspace (310495) - No simple solution could be found

Error.gif Support API compatibility checks against unresolved bundles (271045)

Ok green.gif Provide counts/metadata in xml of analysis and use scan tasks (332325)

Error.gif Support to filter references from an API use report (271044) - Some work was shifted to bug 332772 applying problem filters to use task

Ok green.gif Bug fixing

RC Builds

Ok green.gif Polish

Progress.gif Performance

Ok green.gif Bug fixing

Ok green.gif Clean up website and wiki

Ok green.gif Update Copyrights

Ok green.gif Check for Broken NLS

Doc Pass 

Progress.gif Retrospective

Overall Goals

This section will list general goals for the 3.7 release using information from the Retrospective.

  1. Code Quality - Review patches more carefully, write tests for new code, review risky fixes
  2. Stability - Safe incremental improvements over one-off feature work

Unplanned Items

This section will list items that we are interested in completing during 3.7 but have not been scheduled. For general ideas, use the Wishlist.

Glass.gif Redo all performance tests

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