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  • Darin Wright
  • Curtis Windatt
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Olivier Thomann
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Chris Aniszczyk


  • JUnit PDE Classpath Container Problem
    • JUnit 3.8 and 4 will now be named the same, but separate version numbers
    • Some concerns about breaking test bundles as version ranges are often not used
    • We will encourage teams to add proper version ranges to test bundles
    • bug 290533
  • Support for custom extension point attributes
    • Add new api package655121233xxxxxxxxxx
    • Confirm in M4/M5 whether API should be available in 3.6
    • Curtis/Chris reviewing the patch, try to limit API
    • bug 227055
  • synchronization
    • Will continue discussion in email
  • Target Work
    • Trying to set up meeting to discuss UI/profile work
    • Ian/Chris looking into new search utility

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