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  • Curtis Windatt
  • Darin Wright
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Michael Rennie
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Olivier Thomann


  • Status
    • UI - General bug fixing
    • API Tooling - still working on test failures
    • Build - discussion about providing an extension point to provide target information from the workspace
  • 3.6 Plan
    • More direction coming from IBM
    • Please continue to update items
    • Add scope to items where available
  • PDE Projects
    • Cloudsmith and others looking to start a new PDE incubator project to improve PDE Build/UI
    • PDE Visualization plug-in will be graduated, hopefully offered as PDE add on in release train
  • JRE IUs in Targets
    • Use the JRE setting on the target to determine require IU
    • Generate the IU and make it available in the target profile

Discussion Topics

  • Converging on 3.6 plan
  • Versioning packages in the SDK
  • Status of the Bundles vs Plug-ins discussion

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