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  • Curtis Windatt
  • Ankur Sharma
  • Michael Rennie
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Andrew Niefer


  • Converging on a 3.6 plan in the next few weeks
    • Try to add items, narrow down scope
  • API Tooling tests rewritten to run blazingly fast
    • Failing tests still not reproducable locally, getting Kim involved this week
  • Documentation Change
    • Write doc using wiki (Eclipsepedia), generate html help for packaging with SDK
    • Based on Mylyns doc style (they run a manual build script to generate html)
    • Need to be careful of link checking
  • Considering renaming plug-in to bundle
    • Chris is sending an email to PMC for discussion
  • We need to improve testing
    • Set up automated UI tests based on the tool chosen by Arch council
    • Improve the PDE UI milestone test page
    • Have people take responsibility for different areas (can cover more areas)
    • If there are areas to concentrate on for a milestone we'll make sure they are covered
  • Need to improve communications between build and UI
    • Avoid breaking each other late in cycle
  • API tooling package versioning
    • On plan, Tom, Chris interested in versioning all packages in SDK

Discussion Topics

  • Converging on 3.6 plan
  • API Tooling test failures
  • Using wikis as documentation
  • Do we use Bundles or Plug-ins?
  • Improving automated and milestone testing

Action Items

  • All teams: Update the PDE Plan and start assigning tasks to yourself
  • Investigate smoke testing... SWTBot?
  • Move documentation to the wiki

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