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Work Area

Better integrate cooperation between Eclipse host and running instance in self-hosting.

Project overview

see also bug198189

Developer will have a better control over and insight into his running Eclipse/Equinox/OSGi instance


  • Remotely observe and manage instance bundles
  • Install bundles in target instance from host workspace
  • Follow instance logs in host environment
  • inspect services (the same as in bug Bug 217738, but remote)
  • seamless integration with PDE launch. So user will launch his Eclipse Application as usual, but this time views in his host Eclipse will be monitoring the target instance. Next step into better introspection :D
  • when I change something in plugin in workspace, self-hosted instance automatically updates plug-in


  • "probe" should work with any targets (Eclipse >=3.2/Equinox/OSGi), to be useful for testing,
  • be minimal and simple. No external dependencies. To simplify installation for unexperienced user. There is jmx, ecf, p2, but this all should rather be as simple and flexible as JUnit tests (=click to go).
  • should be extensible. To support future ideas.


  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • Jacek Pospychala


  • org.eclipse.pde.ui.runtime
  • org.eclipse.pde.runtime.probe


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