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Orion/Server API/About API

The About API is a web server API for viewing general and component information about the running server.


To view general and component information, send a GET to the /about endpoint
HTTP Method
Example Request
GET /version HTTP/1.1
Orion-Version: 1.0

Example Response
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html

  <html xmlns="">
   <style type = "text/css"> td { padding-right : 10px; }</style></head>
      <td><img src="../webapp/orion-96.png"/></td>
      <td><p>Build Id: 18.0.0<br/></p></td>
      <th align="left">Library</th>
      <th align="center">Version</th>
    <tr><td align="left">app-module-path</td><td align="center">^2.2.0</td></tr>
Detailed Explanation
The information about the running server.

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