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Orion/Planning Meeting/Target Users

Who is Orion's target user?

  • CSS users are very important. Many developers spending a lot of time doing CSS development and are not well served by existing tools.
  • Have a need for immediate feedback - tight edit/refresh cycle
  • Embed Orion in the site being built to allow in-situ development (mod_orion)
  • Server needs to be very easy to install
  • Use server locally for offline support

What do small web developers use today?

  • TextMate/Notepad
  • JQuery/PHP
  • Browser developer tools / Firebug
  • Various lint tools

Developers of Giant Apps

  • Need to be able to work on the site back end functionality as well as web front end
  • Develop/debug cycle flows through client and server code
  • HAML/SASS/LESS for build-time
  • Compression/Closure
  • JS Debuggers

Typical workflows:

  • Edit/Test/Run/Debug (no build/compression)
  • Package/deploy/Debug again (debugging deployed, packaged app)
  • Wireframe/Mockup/Design
  • Documentation at all stages
  • Collaboration between designers and developers
    • Mockingbird
    • Balsamiq
  • Declarative programming with code generation:
    • Mainly HTML generation

Mobile Developers

  • Categories of mobile development:
    • Native app developers
    • Developers bringing traditional web sites/apps to mobile
    • Web to native - PhoneGap
  • Integrate device emulation tools, build/deploy tools
  • Deploying to Heroku/Azure
  • Dealing with different form factors (variety of display sizes for Android/iOS apps)

Cloud Developers

  • Packaging/deploying to various cloud back ends

API Tools

    • Documenting
    • API Compliance
    • API versioning/evolution
    • Tooling driven by API - code completion based on API definition
    • Both JavaScript and web service APIs

End users of apps built with Orion

  • Bug reporting/feedback
  • UserVoice
  • Collecting usage data
  • Integrate with existing tools


  • Building tools on top of Orion
  • Embedding parts of Orion in their own applications
  • Integration via linking (inbound or outbound)

What will Orion initially focus on?

  • Naturally going to target giant apps via self-hosting
  • Smaller site developers typically have lower tooling expectations so most likely initial audience
  • Identify high value integrations that will offer the biggest initial benefit for various groups

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