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Orion/Planning Meeting/Mobile

What particular challenges do mobile developers face?

  • Browser on another device
  • Size constraints such as screen dimensions/resolution
  • CSS media query to find out device characteristics
  • Device profiles
    • What native JS libraries are available on that device
    • Drive content assist and error reporting from those profile definitions
  • Pure web vs hybrid web/native applications
  • Simulation libraries for various native APIs
  • Developers don't always have access to all the physical deployment devices
  • Firefox plugins exist for emulating various mobile devices
  • Security, signing of applications
  • Package manifest files
    • Each mobile platform defines their own manifest format
  • WAC - common runtime for all devices

What does mobile need from Orion?

  • Extend editor
    • Content assist to various native or JavaScript APIs
    • What formats are available for API definitions: JSDoc is popular
  • Wizard for configuration
    • Pulling together the different libraries needed for mobile development
    • Something like initializr but for mobile projects

Simplify workflow of edit/emulate cycle

Missing piece: pushing application to a physical device necessarily requires downloading the app from orion to the desktop and then using device software to push app.

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