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Orion/Planning Meeting/High Value Integration Points

High Value Integration Points for Orion

Brainstorming of integration scenarios, followed by marking each one with who might provide it.

  • (I) = IBM Orion team is interested
  • (P) = Partners with potential interest to drive the integration
  • (C) = Community/contributors who "scratch their own itch"
  • (B) = Boris-style simple integrations for evangelizing

(P)Mockups (Balsamiq, Mockingbird)

  • Compare running site/prototype to mockup/wireframe
  • Store wireframe file in Orion
  • simplify import/export scenarios

(P) GitHub

  • Make and share Gists
  • Links in Orion to GitHub Pages
  • button in github to edit in Orion

Boilerplates/Project Generation

  • (B)
  • (P)

(P) Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress

  • embed Orion editor for theme edits (CSS, HTML, etc.)
  • SCM for look and feel related changed files

Library-aware plugins: (C)JQuery, (I)Dojo, etc.

  • JSDoc-based code completion
  • go to the source of a plugin
  • which js file? which CSS file?
  • metadata for plugins @ openajax

server technologies

  • (C) node.js
    • and Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java...
  • (C)syntax highlighting for server side language

server ease of consumption

  • PHP/mod_orion
  • (I) dmg for Mac, orion.exe?
  • (I) easy to parameterize (ports, links to server files)


  • (C) Jasmine/QUnit/DOH/JSUnit/JSTestDriver - unit testing stuff
  • (P)Selenium - UI testing
  • (I) Being able to get to the source quickly from a test result

Debug integration

  • (I) Firebug
  • WebKit inspector

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