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Orion/Planning Meeting/Common Workflows and OnRamps for Small Site Devs

Workflows (OnRamps to Orion)

Value add scenarios

  • CSS editing/saving in firebug
  • JS Unit tests
  • Using Orion to quickly fix a broken site from anywhere
  • Automated backup
  • Killer code assist

Small Site Dev Workflows - hosted Orion

  • Needs deploy story. Most people use SFTP, some S3
  • Import
  • WebDAV
  • Site Scraping
  • Landing Page
    • Big buttons that take you to the right places to get started
    • Where is your stuff? (zip, your website via SFTP, generate with a boilerplate like initializr, github, etc.)
  • Preview


  • DB access
  • staging

Priority list of killer features

  • Auto deploy on save using SFTP
  • Import files using SFTP
  • HTML syntax highlighting
  • Code completion
    • jsctags
    • live editing in debugger

Small Site Dev Workflow - localhost

  • Streamline the install and update
  • mod_orion - something you just drop into your apache
  • what about a PHP Orion server/just dropping in some PHP files

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