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Orion/Orion -Work with contributors

  • Student: Edyta Przymus
  • Mentors: Szymon Brandys

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2012


Orion is the open source project and it needs some features that would facilitate cooperation with contributors from outside of Eclipse. Today, there is a couple of tools used to provide this cooperation (Bugzilla, GitHub, OrionHub) and the process of reviewing and validating changes is time-consuming for Eclipse commiters. The improvements in this area could affect in the positive way the Orion's development's dynamics.

General plan

The plan for this project is to cover all Orion's community's demands connected with topic "cooperation with contributors". At the current stage of project there is a need to improve set of Orion's grease monkey scripts that allows cloning repositories into Orion. The brand new script that would provide further integration of Bugzilla and OrionHub is also planned.

Apart of main topic of the project I offer my support to various smaller tasks chosen by my mentors.


This section contains tasks which are under development now and in the nearest future.

Tasks in progress

Status Bugzilla entry Description Waits for review Comments
Ok green.gif bug 371739 git-repository.html - active branch should be displayed on top of the list  ? Szymon PoC provided
Ok green.gif bug 385709 script to automatically create links to Orion pullRequest page from links to commits on GitHub  ? Szymon PoC provided
Ok green.gif bug 386776 Be able to send comment on bugzilla from Orion level  ? Szymon PoC provided
Ok green.gif bug 387759 [Review request] Cannot review when ssh URL is used  ? Szymon PoC provided

Completed tasks

Section contains all the task which are completed, tested and positively reviewed.


Status Bugzilla Entry Description Reviewed by
Ok green.gif bug 383425 Continuation of Bug 351458 - easy way to get commit from GitHub + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 351432 Add git merge --squash + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 350021 [client][git] Ambiguous tab titles for Git Status and Git + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 376978 Add breadcrumbs on git log page + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 377912 Orion Greasemonkey scripts should allow to work with any Orion instance not just OrionHub + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 380805 Force Push All doesn't work + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 361025 Simplify switching remotes + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 385926 Easy way to get from commit page corresponding PullRequest URL + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 369591 improve workflow for accepting contributions from github + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 376617 provide easy way to annotate bugzilla with commit link + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 385833 Be able to add remote to existing repo on pullRequest page + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 386825 Merge 'Pull Request Url' and 'Ask for review' actions + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 386845 'Pull Request' page should have better descriptions and header titles + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 387189 Add doc about "Review Request" feature + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 387112 Update Orion Greasemonkey scripts doc + Szymon
Ok green.gif bug 387765 Something is wrong while displaying reviewRequest page + Szymon


The biggest aspect of completing tasks from these project was creating new Orion page - Contribution Review Request. About its features you can read on the following Eclipsepedia page:Review Request. Together with tool to send notification about commit it provides easy to use set of features to review changes made by contributors. 

Some minor tasks are not completely solved yet, but I declare, I will finish what I started. 

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