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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170327


Mike, Casey, Curtis, Boris, Alston, Martin, Steve, Grant, Sidney, Libing, Eric, Carolyn, Bogdan, Silenio


  • Orion 15 work underway
    • plan document initiated but many details still TODO
    • release will coincide with Eclipse release in June
    • moving code from to but will continue to use Bugzilla at
    • planning to deprecate Java server in favour of Node server
  • Bogdan spoke about Orion at EclipseCon
    • showed various experimental features (collaboration, debug), very positive response
  • Language Tooling:
    • JSON: hooking into parser to create mozilla-compliant ast
    • CSS: upgraded css lint version, ast generation
      • associated changes released or in-progress: syntax styling, content assist
  • Node server
    • implementing graceful shutdown and cache control for all endpoints
  • various bug fixes, in particular around:
    • editor
    • search
    • bidi
    • multi-tab support
    • theming support

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