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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170227


Grant, Silenio, Sidney, Libing, Carolyn, Mike, Curtis, Casey, Steve, Boris, Eric


  • winding down towards Orion 14 release soon (March 17 release), as of this Wednesday:
    • no new dependencies
    • all commits will need +1's
  • JS tooling
    • release automatic configuration of projects based on sniffed content
    • project context can now be found anywhere in the tree (currently node server only, java server to come)
  • web tooling
    • improvements around svg tags and css properties
    • opened CQ to update to newer linter
  • multiple tabs support
    • patches are being reviewed, feedback given, will be released soon
    • will live behind a setting, turned off by default, can be turned on
  • UI
    • released first round of focus drawing changes
    • released color changes to satisfy contrast requirements (accessibility)
    • released tweaks to displaying of annotations
  • node server
    • released shared long running tasks support
    • fixing Search to not miss hidden files/folders

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