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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170130


Mike, Curtis, Grant, Boris, Libing, Silenio, Eric, Sidney, Carolyn, Steve, Olivier


  • Tooling
    • new annotation type: Info
    • changed lint rule priorities
    • performance fixes, in particular around loading
  • LSP
    • finished moving services into page
    • changes are currently in java.slp branch, will be merging into master soon
  • reviewing and merging various patches, including:
    • editor tabs
    • BIDI support
  • UI
    • added support for "firstLineMatch" in text styler language grammars
    • working on UI for specifying annotations to show
    • doing pass on how we show focus in various contexts (getting away from showing them natively)
  • Server
    • worked on changes to how we store tasks, to ensure that they would handle a multi-server context (not quite released yet)

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