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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170123


  • Olivier, Mike, Casey, Sidney, Eric, Libing, Steve, Carolyn, Grant, Silenio


  • LSP
    • rewriting LSP client to live in page itself rather than plug-in
    • some expected events aren’t being received, some event impl’s may be missing in core Orion client
  • theming
    • continuing unification of theme preference pages
  • node server
  • Orion node server can now serve static files, helpful for debugging
  • completed new indexed file search, is too resource-intensive, need to re-think this approach
  • UI
    • starting implementation of multiple editor tabs
    • working to show informative page when RequireJS fails to load
    • found that problems view is long to load due to time required to resolve JS file dependencies in workspace
  • Other
    • triaging accessibility bugs
    • merged various contributions from Casey and Remy (thanks!)

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