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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170109


  • Carolyn, Silenio, Mike, Curtis, Robert, Casey, Grant, Libing, Eric, Olivier, Boris


  • bugs will be migrating from bugzilla to github soon according to the details sent on the mailing list
  • Language Tooling
    • released fixes for tern resolver and tooling-provided tooltips
    • Orion 14.0 planning, one of first items to address is html validator outlining
  • Language Server Protocol
    • released fix for JS code completion that became broken related to this work
    • reworking Java server bundles
  • Platform Styles settings page released
    • investigating/fixing bugs, including a reported infinite loop problem
  • improved edit code widget documentation and made two new demo pages
  • accessibility planning
  • various other bug fixes
  • started commit vote for Casey

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