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Orion/Meeting minutes/20161212


  • Steve, Olivier, Eric, Grant, Curtis, Robert, Casey, Amr, Carolyn


  • Orion 13 is winding down
    • still need a +1 for each commit through Tuesday
    • as of Wednesday need two +1’s per commit
  • no update on move to GitHub, plan to discuss on next week’s call
  • LSP
    • completed refactoring of JDT UI -> Core manipulations
    • pushed change via Gerrit, the changeset appears very large, hopefully can be merged soon
  • container theming
    • almost done refactor
    • next step is to add a preview pane
  • collaborative development
    • added line annotations to follow user caret positions (little circles)
    • almost finished shared projects database endpoints/functions (one to go)
    • this week will focus on disabling autoload/autosave correctly when in shared mode
  • released tooltip colour fix
  • fix planned in the area of editor folding annotations
  • vacations season is fast-approaching

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